Work with a fun and positive group of people...really!

You should enjoy what you do, in all respects, including work. At BM Stickers, you will find creative projects and diverse customers. Our team enjoys the freedom of working independently, on a per-project basis, to provide artwork design services and content creation for

Our Artists

As a graphic designer you will be asked to design, modify, reconstruct, and otherwise be involved in the process of creating artwork for our customers. Often times the artwork preview is the deciding factor for a client, therefore our designers are able to provide high quality work in a very timely manner.

Our Sales Team

As an sales team member your goal is to grow our company by providing the best customer service to our current and potential customers. Strong communication skills are essential. We pride ourselves on the great relationships we have with our customers.

How to Join Our Team

We currently contract all of our artists and authors online through Elance. You do not need to be an existing Elance user to be considered, however you will need to set up an account at such point that we would like to interview and/or hire you. To get the process started, please contact us.