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Click on the link above to order euro oval stickers printed with your letters and design. Your euro ovals will be printed on our white weatherproof oval stickers (as shown in the sample stickers above). If you're looking for a more unique euro oval design, you may choose different ink colors or background colors than the traditional black and white euro ovals look.

Remember, at BM Stickers we offer Free Graphic Design. If you know what you want but don't have the artwork created, we can create the artwork for you. Call us at 1-800-310-7393 and we'll be happy to discuss your design ideas.

The history and design of Euro Oval Stickers...

Throughout Europe the license plates from various countries have similar designs, making it rather difficult to spot the differences between them. To try and fix this, the United Nations created letter coded ID stickers. The one, two, or three letters on these 'euro oval stickers' indicated the car's country.

The original specifications of the euro oval stickers required between one and three black capital letters on a white background (on a horizontal oval sticker).

The current style of euro oval stickers in North America still includes the simple block letters of the original euro oval stickers; however, since the stickers have no true purpose (they don't need to indicate country codes), the designs can and do take liberties with the guidelines first set out by the United Nations. The North American custom euro oval stickers usually have smaller text indicating what the initials stand for, as well as a web address. Colored letters, colored backgrounds, and various border designs are quite common as well.

Some examples of the country codes used with true euro oval stickers:

Australia - AUS
Austria - A
Belgium - B
Czechoslovakia - CS
Denmark - DK
France - F
Germany - D
Italy - I
Netherlands - NL
Norway - N
Poland - PL
Sweden - S
Switzerland - CH
United Kingdom - GB
Yugoslavia - YU

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Custom Euro Oval Stickers - Pricing & Sizes


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